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Say "Game Over" to Dry Skin & Chapped Lips!

The combination of 100% natural moisturizing oils, anti-inflammatory full spectrum cannabidiol (CBD) and the cooling sensation of peppermint derived menthol make for the only cream you'll need. Perfect for chapped lips, dry skin and even sore muscles and joints.


Fall Asleep Faster & Sleep Better

We've used MIT research to create the perfect formulation of melatonin - our body's natural sleep inducing hormone - with CBD for relaxation. The result is a natural way to help you fall asleep faster and get a better night's rest. 


Start Feeling Great BEFORE Your Workout

Give your workouts a boost and get through the 2pm blues with the perfect blend of CBD, caffeine (an espresso shot worth) and B12.


CBD You Can Actually See

We've enhanced the flavor of CBD oil by adding crushed hemp flowers to the mix. The added visibility creates fun food and beverage creations.


Gourmet Cold Brew Coffee Without the Jitters

What can we say, we've brewed up the best coffee. Period. Our award winning Paleo Coffee has been blended with barrel aged coffee and a dash of chocolate and a pinch of cinnamon, for an exquisite flavor that will keep you coming back for more!


Instant Gourmet CBD Coffee

CBD is the perfect compliment to our blend of organic instant coffee, chocolate extract, cinnamon and coconut oil. Served simply by adding to hot water or ordinary coffee to improve flavor.


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